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Talent standards:
The company insists on the principle of "people-oriented", talent in the first place, also is the first resource of the company, we firmly believe that every bit of success comes from its employees in the company, since the company was founded we try our best to provide any opportunity to show their talent and development of oneself , in a harmonious and warm environment to encourages its employees to realize their own value in the competition, work hard, make greater contribution for the enterprise.

Personnel requirements:
Company has a strict system of human resources management, from the four aspects of the candidates,choose ,employ, education, and retention, through a variety of regular training and competition mechanism to encourage employees, inspire the potential of employees, incisively and vividly display personal ability, to further enhance the dedication to work, and professional dedication, sense of responsibility,

Incentive system:
Company also has a series of incentive policies, implement performance appraisal system for employees, and the achievements, acquiring the skills of the employees shall be rewarded, the same company management also accept staff appraisal, do a satisfying supervisors of employees, mutual respect, sincere cooperation.

Leisure activities:
Company is a big family, each member of the company is a member of the family, on the premise of respect for employees' self choice to carry out various leisure activities and physical exercise, every year regularly held the domestic and foreign tourist hike, and a chance to visit overseas companies for learning.

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