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45th Korea Electronics Show 2014 (KES2014)

Source:Cycmag Published:2014/9/10 Author:Sky Sang view:681

Cycmag attend 45th Korea Electronics Show 2014 (KES2014):

Name: 45th Korea Electronics Show 2014 (KES2014)

Date: 2014.10.14-10.17

Booth No.: 2G06

Venue: Exhibition Center,KINTEX

The Korean Electronics Show was first held in the national public information office next to Deoksugung Palace under the name of the first Korean Electronic Exhibition in 1969. The Korean Electronic Show literally shows the modern and future electronic and IT industry of Korea from the perspective of industry and suggests the direction in which the industry will head towards. It is a specialized exhibition of electronics and IT which is a feast of cutting edge technology that leads global trends.

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