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Available Coatings of Sintered NdFeB Magnets


Surface Coating thickness(um) Color SST (h) PCT(h)
Nickel Ni+Ni 10-20um Bright Sliver    >24-72 >24-72
Black Nickel Ni+Cu+Ni 10-20um Bright black    >48-96 >48
Cr3+Zink ZN 5-8um Bright blue >16-48  
C-Zn Shining color >36-72  
Sn  Ni+Cu+Ni+Sn 10-25um Sliver >36-72 >48
Au  Ni+Cu+Ni+Au 10-25um Gold >12 >48
Ag  Ni+Cu+Ni+Ag 10-25um Sliver               >12 >48
Epoxy Epoxy 10-20um Black ,Grey     >48  
Ni+Cu+Epoxy 15-30um >72-108  
Zn+Epoxy 15-25um >72-108  
passivation   1-3um Dark,Grey        Temporary Protection   
Phosphated   1-3um Dark,Grey      Temporary Protection   


1.Different plating.different SST Result.       
Salt Spray Test Results,which is plated by Grinding (Small Size Magnets).is better than the one ,which is coated by Hanging up (Big size magnets)       
2.Salt Spray Test(SST)test condition:5%NaCl,35℃ Continuously spray a certain time,test whether there is corrosion on coating surface.       
3.Pressure Cooking Test(PCT)test condition:2 atm,95%RH(relative humidity).121℃to test the coating adhesion       
Note:The products coating Zinc,passivated/phosphated ,or coating Epoxy are not suitable for PCT.       
4.Other methods to test the coating quality:Drop test ,Cross Cut  test ,Heating and Spilling test,constant temperature and humidity test etc.       


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