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High corrosion resistance and low weight loss products
As poor corrosion resistance of Iron-base and Nd-rich grain boundary, NdFeB magnets can’t be used until plated. Comparing with the expansion of elevator, wind turbines and permanent motors application, the customers need higher requirement on corrosion resistance of NdFeB magnets. Because the glue cohesiveness of un-plated products is much better than the plated products, Un-plated products will be better in the security. Now there are more and more customers want to use the un-plated magnets. Considering this situation, after the continuous innovation and study, our company developed ultra-low weight loss magnets.( the unit of weight loss test is mg/cm2, how much milligram losing per Square centimeter), Generally speaking, the weight loss test is over 150mg/cm2 in the NdFeB industry. There is a great difference due to different Material formulation and manufacturing process. While some of our products can reach to 1mg/cm2, (Testing condition: HAST standard for 168hrs),due to the very low weight loss, the corrosion resistance is excellent, the reliability and working life of these products have been improved obviously. These products can meet the strict requirement of corrosion resistance in the application of permanent motors and other fields. They are mainly used in elevator, radar, wind generators, military aerospace, industrial motors and other fields.
Notes: Two standards of low weight loss
1.      US Standard   PCT (121℃±1℃), 2 atm, 95%RH, for 96 hours, weight loss less than 5-10mg/cm2
2.      EU Standard   HAST (130℃±2℃), 3 atm, 95%RH, for 168 hours, weight loss less than 2-5mg/cm2
Different NdFeB products differ in low weight loss test. For more details, please contact our engineer.

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