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Motorcycle magnetor

motorcycle magnetor applide to various types of magnetor 4 pole,6 pole,8 pole,11pole,16 pole with Jc-T3932,Jc-T4127,Jc-T4231 based materials

Motorcycle starting motor

"Motorcycle starting motor" applied to 70,100,125,200 Series motor mainly based on JC-Y3939 materials

Auto starting motor

Auto starting motor There are 1.0, 1.2, 1.4,1.5,1.7kilowatta and other types of motor magnetic tile, mainly for Nissan, red and other types of vehicles, based on Jc-Y3744, Jc-Y3649 materials, according to the requirements to adapt to different environmental temperature.

Auto window motor

Auto window motor applied to all types of automotive electric windows, with JC-y4041 based materials.

Air conditioning
EPS steering motor
Electric tools

Electric tools there are 775,750,550,540 and other electric tools and motor tile

Medical, Fitness Equipment

Medical,Fitness Equipment mainly with JC-Y3939,JC-Y4041 based high performance material mainly used for various types of motor for medical, massage and fitness equipment

Mower, sawmill motor

"Mower, sawmill motor" with JC-Y3939, JC-Y4231 based materials .mainly used for 25cc,26cc,38cc,40cc,42cc and various types of gardening movers and sawmills

General motor and standard motor

General generator and standard motor magnetic tile based on JC-Y3939 materials. Features: magnetic center with hole, easy to install, stable performance

Textile motor

Textile machinery and other motor mainly used for domestic and international all kinds of textile machinery and other machinery requiring allotype and Special magnet , mainly based on JC-Y4231 materials

Home Appliances

Fridge compressor
Washing machine drive
Air exhauster
Air conditioning compressor

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